How to Relax and Manifest

When our mind is clear, it is like a still lake where the water is so transparent that you can clearly see the colorful fishes swimming underneath.  Our thoughts are like the wind that stirs up waves and muddy the water.  When the water is murky, you can’t even see your own reflection.  When the water is calm, you can clearly see what is in the lake.

A busy and agitated mind is like the murky water.  You won’t be able to attract your vision when your mind is murky and full of thoughts.  To make the law of attraction work, you mind should be as still as the clear lake water.  Here are detailed steps to relax your mind and prepare you to win the game of manifestation.

relax and manifest

A Relaxing Exercise to Bring You into Meditation 

In this relaxation meditation, you will relax by paying attention to each area of the body. You will experience a tranquil feeling when the entire body enters into a deeply relaxed state. 

  1. Find a comfortable position where you are either sitting or lying down in a location where you won’t be interrupted.  The exercise will take around 15 to 25 minutes. Clear your schedule. Wear comfortable clothing. Remove your shoes. 
  1. When you are ready, take a long, deep, and slow breath through your abdomen. Hold it for around five seconds, and exhale slowly. Breathe again and watch your body expand with each inhalation. Breathe out and notice your body contract with each exhalation. Remember to maintain your natural breathing as you go through each step.
  1. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. You are going to relax the body step by step from your feet to the tip your head. 
  1. Start with your feet. How do your feet feel? Do your feet feel warm or cold? Is there any sensation? Whatever the feeling is, allow your feet to relax with each breath. Your heels are touching the ground, feel the floor as it makes contact with your feet. 
  1. Gently move up. Shift your focus on your ankles. Feel your ankles. Breathe in and out naturally while resting your attention on your ankles.
  1. Bring your attention to your calves and the back of your knees. Do you feel any twitching or tingling sensation in these areas? Breathe into this region, and allow your calves to get limp. Don’t force it. Just send your intention with your breath and let your body do the rest. 
  1. Now move your focus to your sheen and knees. Feel this area, feel the sensation. Breathe into this area…then let go. If you feel blank in any particular area, don’t try hard— it’s ok to feel blank. Spend five to ten seconds on each part. 
  1. Start moving to your hamstrings. If your hamstrings are in contact with the floor or with your clothing, feel the contact. Send your breath and allow your hamstrings to soften up. 
  1. Be aware of your thighs. What do you feel? Stay with this feeling and breathe naturally. Let your thighs loosen up with every exhalation. 
  1. Now shift your attention on your buttocks. The gluteal muscles in your buttocks contract when we feel stressed. Send your breath into the gluteal muscles, and let go. 
  1. Feel your pelvic region and breathe normally. Stay with whatever sensation you feel, and allow this area to relax. Remember, when you send your attention to any particular region, the body commands that area to relax. 
  1. Be aware of your belly. Our belly is a very intelligent organ that can respond to emotions in its own way. Feel the sensations in your belly and allow your breath to loosen up this part of your body. 
  1. Now bring your focus to your lower back. Breathe into this area and allow it to relax. Spend five seconds, and then move on. 
  1. Feel your chest. Feel that your chest expands as you are breathing in, and contracts as you are breathing out. As you’re relaxing your chest muscles, just feel the muscles melting like ice into water. 
  1. Shift your attention to your upper back. Be aware of the back muscles, spine and shoulder blades. Breathe into your upper back and relax. Stay five seconds with the feeling. 
  1. Now rest your focus on your hands. Start with your fingers and palms, and then move up to your wrists, forearms, and elbows. Spend ten seconds on your fingers and palms and five seconds on your forearms. Then move up to your upper arm.
  1. Feel the antecubital space or the opposite region of the elbows. Feel the biceps, triceps, and armpits. Breathe into these areas, and allow the muscles to loosen up. 
  1. Let the awareness rise up to your shoulder. Feel the tips of your shoulders and breathe. Then move on to the throat. Allow your throat ease with every breath and continue to move on. 
  1. Our face is the mirror of our mind. All of our feelings are projected in the face. There are 42 individual facial muscles. They coordinate, synchronize and create hundreds of expressions. Shift your attention on your face. Feel your chin, jaw, lips, and mouth. Spend five seconds on each part. 
  1. Be aware of your nose, feel the cool in your nostrils as you inhale, and the warmth as you exhale. Focus on the bridge of your nose and the nose bone. Feel your cheeks and cheekbones. Breathe into this area and allow your cheeks to soften. Feel your ears and the functioning of hearing. 
  1. Bring your awareness into your eyes. Be aware that your eyelids are resting on your eyeballs, and your eyeballs are resting in the eye sockets. 
  1. Now move attention to your head. Feel the skull bone, the thin muscles of the scalp and the follicles of the hair. Now look inside your head, feel your brain muscles easing up as you are resting your focus on them. 

Your whole body is relaxed now. Feel your entire body. After twenty seconds, take a couple of deep breaths. Then open your eyes. Stretch your hands and legs. You are feeling refreshed, invigorated. Relax and start winning the manifestation game.

how to relax and manifest

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