Understanding the Law of Attraction

When people say that you have what it takes to live the life of your dreams and that you only have to believe in your vision, work toward your goal, and let the universe do the miracles for you, did you know that they were talking about the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a spiritual law.  Once you learn how to use it to its full potential, you will be able to tune in and tap into the universal power of attracting what you want, and your life will change forever.

Why is our life not the way we envision it to be?

Life is should be full of abundance, joy, and happiness.  It is our natural right to obtain all our wishes and live a rich, fulfilling life. We all envision a future where all our heartfelt desires become the reality. But as we dream big, we also limit and hold ourselves back.  We block our rich and fulfilling future by believing in all the negativities.

Why do most of our dreams remain unfulfilled?

Surprisingly, instead of choosing a life of abundance, we choose a life of struggle. We continuously struggle to protect what we already have, the riches, the respect, our relationships, and the trust.  We struggle to achieve what we aspire to, and since we create an unconscious belief that we are destined to live in a constant struggle, we get trapped in an illusion where our negative beliefs turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. We simply become disconnected from the source of life and end up doing things we hate to do.

What is the mechanism of manifestation?

The different forces of attraction are found everywhere.  As the fundamental unit of matter, an atom bonds with other atoms to create molecules.  The molecules then attract other molecules through an intermolecular force that creates matter.

Within the atom, you will find electrons constantly revolving around the nucleus in orbits that are similar to the way planets revolve around the sun.  It is the same force that makes an electron orbit the nucleus the way planets orbit the sun.  This same force makes things fall to earth.  It is called gravity but may also be called a force of attraction.

Magnetic properties are found in matter.  This is why one terrestrial body attracts another terrestrial body the way a molecule attracts another molecule.  Our mind also possesses powerful magnetic properties.  It has the capacity to attract things from an infinite distance.

This explains why like-minded people become friends.  People with a growth mindset attract wealth while those with a failure mindset attract defeat.  The first principle of the law of attraction is that like thoughts attract like incidents.  In other words, like attracts like.  It simply means that whatever you are thinking, you are unwittingly attracting it.

law of attraction

The Power of the Mind

Whether you are aware of it or not, the law of attraction is always in action.  You are programming your own reality by attracting things that resonate with your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. For instance, people who find themselves in debt, constantly think, “I don’t want more debt.” They focus on what they don’t want and end up attracting more of what they don’t want.  As a result, they fall deeper into debt. 

The Principle of Vibration

If our thoughts become things, then why do many of our visions and dreams fail to become reality? To answer this question, we have to discuss the principle of vibration. 

According to this principle, everything in the universe is in constant movement and vibration. Everything that makes up the universe is pure vibratory energy transforming itself from one form to another. However, the different forms of matter are different because even though they are made up of the same energy, they vibrate at different frequencies. 

Everything in the universe is connected through energy. This mechanical phenomenon is often referred to as “quantum entanglement.” Similar to all the forms of matter in the universe, our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are forms of energy that generate cosmic waves that travel through space and time.  When the vibration of our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions matches the vibration of things or events, these start to manifest in our lives.

Removing Negativity

The human mind is simply more attracted to negative things than to positive ones.  We subconsciously tend to focus on the negative aspects that translate into negative consequences.  Even when we aspire to succeed, we unwittingly focus on failure by being afraid of defeat.  Our subconscious mind continuously works on avoiding failure rather than pursuing success.  As a result, failure becomes a reality.

Just think that if a negative thought has the potential to become our reality, a positive thought has the same potential. In fact, positive thoughts are even stronger than negative thoughts.

To get what you want using the law of attraction, sometimes you have to reverse the magnetic polarity of your mind. You need to program and raise your vibrations to match the frequency of what you desire. 

The process of manifestation is supposed to be instantaneous. But because we have instilled in ourselves massive piles of doubt and distrust for years, manifesting may take some time.  We need to learn to reprogram our mind and transmit the right vibrations.

understand the law of attraction
understanding the law of attraction

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